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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 22, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- mall massacre. dozens dead and wounded in terrorism attack at upscale mall in kenya. >> we tried escaping. he threw a grenade. >> the frightening scene. up to 10 gunmen opening fire as shoppers run for their lives. the ongoing hostage crisis right now and the concerns for americans. can a coordinated soft target attack like this happen here at home? 13 years later, a child abduction case solved. a baby snatched back in the year 2000, found and now reunited
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with family. how a school official helped police crack this case. miley cyrus, shedding tears on stage overnight. raw emotion on display just days after her painful breakup. wedding day meltdown. a ceremony grinding to a sudden halt when a priest goes rogue. what set him off and what the bride is saying about it this morning. good morning. let's get straight to the breaking news on that coordinated terrorist attack in kenya. >> the hostage crisis in the upkale westgate mall is ongoing at this hour. here are the latest numbers. according to kenyan government, at least 60 dead and more than 175 injured, including four americans. as of right now, there are still
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10 to 15 attackers inside that mall, the chaotic scene now a tense standoff. abc's kirit radha is on the ground. >> reporter: gunmen still holding at least 30 people hostage inside. now, more than 24 hours after the attack began, authorities believe that 10 to 15 attackers are still inside. it started in broad daylight saturday afternoon. right as the mall was packed with weekend shops are, witnesses say the attackers stormed the building from multiple entrances. kenyan authorities said at least
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59 people were killed, at least 175 more injured, those numbers may still rise. terrified shoppers ran for their lives, others hid wherever they could. >> my leg. >> reporter: al shabaab, affiliated with al qaeda, reportedly claimed responsibility. the gunmen made it clear they were there to kill nonmuslims. they had a message for everyone inside. the westgate mall is popular with foreigners. at least four americans were injured. kenyan authorities insist they have the situation under control. for those hostages still inside it remains far from over.
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not far away gunfire was heard. >> extraordinary images out of nairobi. moments ago, we spoke with him directly. can you describe for me the theme at the mall right now, what are you seeing from your vantage point. >> kenyan authorities have increased the security perimeter this morning. they pushed back the crowds. >> are you hearing gunfire still? >> the gun fire over the last hour or two have tapered off. however, i don't know what this means, we saw kenyan security forces entered the mall with a rocket-propelled grenade. that seems like a heavy weapon for this situation. >> how well trained are kenyan security forces? >> in general, the low-ranking,
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low-trained guys -- there was a slow response yesterday. there aren't a lot of resources here. police don't have cars typically, they're on foot. security forces were arriving on foot. however, kenya's elite units have been trained by the u.s. military and britain's military and those guys by all accounts know what they're doing. >> while the initial response was slow are the elite troops on the scene now at least? >> they're on the scene. they're inside the building. they started entered the building late saturday night in different waves. those would be the troops we're hearing the gunfire from. >> to be clear, as far as we can understand here, the motivation isn't to go after westerners it's about african politics. >> these hard-core terrorists
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understand the power of public relations and they know that hitting this upscale mall where americans and europeans go to eat and go to shop generates a lot of news in europe and america. that's what they're seeking. they're seeking to em bar raz kenya and to force kenya to withdraw their troops in somalia. the number of hostages inside is the end game for them. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. that of course is the question right now the endgame for these elite troops who are on the scene right now, how do they rescue those hostages. >> the situation is still ongoing. we're going to turn to washington now. abc's pierre thomas who covers the justice department. pierre, you have been talking to your sources, any threat from
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this terrorist group in u.s. >> reporter: right now, our sources are saying no specific threat to the united states. but they're monitoring this very, very closely. they want to know the tactic. they're paying very close attention to that. also there's general concern because al shabaab has had some ties to the united states, in terms of young americans, mostly from minneapolis minnesota, going there to hookup with radicals there. >> what is so alarming about this attack is that it took place in the shopping mall which begs the question how prepare are we here in america? >> well since the mum buy attacks in india in 20008, u.s. government have being paying attention to security in malls. they have been doing practices. they're told to have their local
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law enforcement patrol higher capacity weapons in their cars so they can respond. i can recall going to an fbi training session at a local hotel in d.c. in these type of scenarios ss you have to go in and go in fast. u.s. law enforcement officials have been thinking about this particular issue. >> coming at times when americans go to shopping malls. okay, pierre thank you. as this crisis continues we want to remind you we'll have continuing coverage on abc news as well as on the big story here at home. and there it is. the countdown clock ticking away as we approach the looming government shutdown. >> last night president obama gave a fiery speech blaming republicans for the stalemate. >> now, we're seeing an extreme
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faction of these folks convincing their leadership to threaten to shut down the government if we don't shut down the affordable care act. let's go to jon karl who's filling in for george stephanopoulos later this morning on "this week." the president spoke to john boehner, but it was a very short conversation, any progress being made here. >> the short answer is no dan. we're just eight days away from a government shutdown and this debate, right now, is only over a temporary funding bill that would just keep the government running until december this is really the easy part we still have a major showdown ahead on something that would affect the u.s. government. they have to raise the debt ceiling. those talks haven't start zmrd you mentioned the debt kreeblg,
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we have government shutdown, debt ceiling, we're seeing wall street reacting already. any way out of this? >> there certainly is bianna. a number of ways to compromise on this. the problem right now is the two sides simply aren't talking. as dan said the conversation between the president and john boehner was short. it's congress's responsibility. you have to do it. republicans are taking a similarly hard line. right now, nothing, no progress whatsoever. >> jon, our thanks to you and jon has a big show this morning. the latest on the budget battle and the terror attack in kenya. overnight, other stories developing and for that as always it's mr. claiborne. >> good morning, everyone.
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in the news president obama calling for tougher gun control laws, since thursday more than 20 people have been killed or wounded in gun violence in chicago. on monday, 12 people were killed at the washington navy yard. speaking at the congressional black caucus last night, the president urged lawmakers to get back to work on passing gun legislation. >> as easy as possible for dangerous people to get hands on guns then we need to work as hard as possible for the sake of children. we need to do more work to make it harder. >> and the president is set to attend a memorial for the victims of the navy yard shooting. that is later today. a teenager is safe this morning, 13 years after disappearing, the child was found in missouri this week. she was abducted as a child from florida. police say they were tipped off she tried to enroll the school
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in missouri. the child has now been reunited with his or her father. and a new york city hotel security guard is under arrest this morning, i accusing of intention intentionally setting fires where he worked. he did it to give the hotels a bad name and so he could relax in empty hotel rooms after they were evacuated by firefighters. investigators are looking into a deadly helicopter crash in arizona. 70 miles north of phoenix. no survivors reported in that mishap sxwlnchts finally, this morning, in chicago, an impressive show of strength and for a very good cause, 20 teams, with 12 people each competed against each other pulling a 20-ton jumbo airliner. the event was organized to raise
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money for the special olympics. and next weekend here on "good morning america," the five of us are going to pull a tractor trailer from new york to san francisco on interstate 80. >> we're looking for ideas. >> you're going to be our anchor. from one good cause to another, the weather, ginger zee, she's at a race to help feed hungry kids. hay, ginger. >> such a super exciting morning here. we got right behind me 5,000 people that are running for a great cause. it's called ten, feed ten. run a 10k you feed ten meals to hungry people everywhere. they hope to do 2 million. all of these folks on their way. let's get right into your forecast. we have a lot of weather to get into, and that includes navarre
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beach, that's a waterspout. they will be drying out. that atlanta, other places like new orleans, had record rains yesterday. more than 2 inches. the northeast, starting to dry out, too overnight, quite a bit of rain. everyone was concerned about the race here this morning. but good news as we dried out. i want to give you one look at the western storms because not only did it rain in california but it snowed that's right, fall comes in later this afternoon. that's the big picture.
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>> so even if you're not up to running a 10k there are ways to help i'll have that coming up. from road racing to an entirely different, much riskier, much weirder competition, it involves flying machines. abc's rob nelson is here with more. >> reporter: a little team spirit. a lot of creativity. and one big splash. all made for one crazy, skyhigh day. on saturday, competitors all over the country let red bull give them wings. >> red bull give you wings.
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>> reporter: in this annual competition, pilots launched their human-powered flying machine into the waters below. while some teams were confident in their ability to fly. >> we're going to fly! >> reporter: others were just excited to make a splash. >> we're hoping for a lot of distance. >> reporter: judged on creativity the oddball aircraft consisted of shiny unicorns. flying polar bear and even the king was given some wings. one yellow chicken flew for 258 feet. beating the previous record set last year in germany. no matter how big the flop these competitors left feeling on top of the world. >> we feel like champions.
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>> got to love that video. this event took place in five cities yesterday chicago, washington, did. c., miami, dallas and long beach, california. last trip to the a airport didn't look so bad after all. >> might take away no women in that. confirm the superior sex. >> i will confirm that. thank you, rob. moving on now, the new sitcom called trophy wife. it debuts on abc this week. >> it looks incredibly funny and our rachel smith goes behind the scenes to talk to the creator of the show. >> so sorry. >> don't freak out but you're bleeding. >> reporter: simple story, girl meets slightly older boy.
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she soon learns that he has two ex-wives. >> reporter: nothing starts her from taking the plunge and become wife number three, his trophy wife. the new comedy from abc. >> she's certainly not our definition of trophy wife. she's just a girl who's really in love with her husband and wants to be a great moment and trying to fit into this crazy family of ex-wives and kids. >> reporter: mallin ackerman stars as the trophy wife. along with bradley whitford and mar marcia gay harden. >> i describe her as organized. >> mostly just a really fun situation because there's so much conflict and chaos. >> i'm from china. >> reporter: the show was the brainchild of emily and sarah.
4:19 am
inspired by sarah's real life. >> how close to real life is. >> it's loosely based on the architecture of our lives. jeff was married a few times before me. he has his kids from the different marriages. >> she fit right in from the moment we met. really. >> we have awesome step kids. there are no villains. >> it's about coming together and creating a new type of family unit that can work and really raise our children properly. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. don't miss the trophy wife which premieres this tuesday at 8: 9:30. they're 2 weeks old. they weigh fewer than 5 pounds
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and they're taking oregon by storm. >> they are three impossibly cute lion cubs. little girls who just got their first checkup. and their new nicknames. abc's tai hernandez has more. >> reporter: this is the first look at the 2-week-old cub born at the oregon zoo. the video posted on the zoo's website, gives an upclose look at the cubs who are just learning to use their legs. >> they are getting along well. >> reporter: keepers used a bone to pry mom away to check up on the cubs. >> mom's doing great. first-time mom. she's been a natural. she's taken excellent care of them. so, yeah we're all really excited and it's big news for us and our community. >> reporter: one tiny cubs has
4:21 am
made an impact on her caretake zbler we nicknamed her feisty. >> reporter: the zoo says the cub may not be ready for a public exhibit for several weeks. until then they'll remain under their mom's watchful eye as well as the staff. >> when can we see the lion cubs? we're trying to do everything as naturally as possible. >> reporter: for "good morning america," tai hernandez, abc news, new york. >> it's useful to see the picture of mom. they're cute now. >> things could get rough. >> they're so deliciously cute. >> deliciously cute. well put. >> all right coming up on "good morning america" -- a wedding
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meltdown caught on tape. a priest blasts a photographer for getting too close to thor is knowmy, how the bride and groom handled the awkward confrontation. also this morning -- another miley cyrus meltdown this time no twerking involved. this time it involved emotion. why she broke down on sideline. vera wang has taken a whole new project on you'll never believe who she's dressing now.
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a message from the foundation for a better life. ♪ miley cyrus back in the news this morning, not for wroebs or onstage antic instead for a teary performance in las vegas. suggesting that her recent breakup may be weighing heavily. what she said right before taking that stage coming up on "good morning america." you have to remind yourself she's just 20 years old. she is very young. we wish her the best obviously. good morning america. i'm bianna golodryga. alongside dan harris. >> also coming up one of the biggest parties is kicking off oktoberfest in germany.
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also ahead -- >> vera wang is known as the wedding dress designer to the star, you may be surprise at who she's dressing now. but we're going to start this half-hour with the story of a wedding meltdown. this wasn't involved a bridezilla or vera wang. it was the priest going at it with the photographer. >> the bride and groom mortified on what was a playing out on the most important part of their lives. abc's reena ninan took a look. you have heard the groom who couldn't find the ring or the bride missing the wedding dress. how do you respond when your priest has a wedding meltdown? it's the moment this couple dreamed about for months. >> in accordance with god's will
4:32 am
you now confess it. >> reporter: then it goes all wrong. this time, it's the priest. >> please leave. >> reporter: he stopped the ceremony to scold photographers. >> this is a solemn ceremony not a photography session. >> i was shocked. i was mortified. i just knew we needed to get married. >> i will stop the ceremony if you do not get out of the way. >> reporter: watch as hi crew makes a hasty retreat. >> at the same time, i don't want to interrupt the ceremony. but he just snapped out of nowhere. >> reporter: he said in all of the planning the priest never gave the commandment now shall not click. >> don't be in the aisle and beside that, he didn't have any
4:33 am
regulations. >> reporter: but this kind of thing is not uncommon. >> you're definitely going to come across priest that really take a hard stance on the importance of the ceremony. >> reporter: they posted it on youtube so we could all share in the wedding. >> please move. >> reporter: that's the right attitude. we reached out to the minister who told our producers i thought this matter was settled an then hung up. >> you got the same exact treatment. >> i love the groom's face. he was like, whoa. >> great story. >> memorable wedding for them. >> definitely. now, let's get an update of the morning's top stories with ron claiborne.
4:34 am
you're always pleasant. never in a bad mood. >> thank you very much. hi, again. good morning, everyone. in the news the death toll in that terrorist attack at the upscale mall in kenya, that's now reached 59 people. no americans among the dead. but four americans are reportly injured. the somalia terrorist group al shabaab has reportedly claimed responsibility for that attack. iran is ready to talk about the country's nuclear program. made the comments as he prepared to leave for a trip for the united nations. later this week. and more problems for blackberry. hold off on launching a new app for ios and android phones. on friday they announced a quarterly loss and lay off 4500 jobs. this college student has a
4:35 am
unique way for paying for his tuition, he's a competitive eater. eating there. the university of wisconsin student ranks third in the entire world, he's already made $18,000 to pay for school and snacks i guess. i don't think he's majoring in nutrition. >> thanks, ron. let's get it to outside, back again, to ginger zee, at hudson river park. ginger, good morning. good morning to you. what a spectacular morning for a race. it's starting to feel more like fall, it will officially begin later this afternoon. first, let's see the forecast for the northeast, if you're waking up anywhere it's been a little rainy overnight it's going to stay that way in new england. temperature, though, for a high slip below 70 for new york city. pittsburgher, right around 61. i want to show you the fallike
4:36 am
and chilly temperatures in the midwest. look at the upper great lakes, those are frost advisories. freeze warnings. wisconsin and michigan you're feeling that. one look at what's happening out west, as fall arrives just before 5:00 p.m., that's the big picture. >> this weather report brought to you by quicken loans. i got a special guest. women's health magazine is part of this event, the publisher is with me. it's happening in chicago, san francisco, and new york city this morning, why is this such a big deal? >> if you run this 10k with women's health you feel ten
4:37 am
people in your hometown and we're kicking off in new york today and it rolls out across the country. >> i found it so interesting it's not just the situation, it's communities that you're feeding that need food. >> we're having these races in major cities if yo you go on the website, you can log your race at any city and feed ten people in your community. >> laura, thank you. >> let's head back into the studio. >> a great cause. >> it is. ginger is dressed up like she's going to run. coming up here on "good morning america" -- what brought miley cyrus to tears on stage in las vegas. >> we'll tell you what she said right before she went on. it for it... wait for it... ah! ah! wait for it... wait for it... [ laughs ] you know, i'm not trying to be ungrateful
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♪ another miami yi cyrus performance in the news. the issue is more emotional. >> at the iheart radio concert in las vegas last night, she
4:42 am
broke down while belting her breakup anthem. apparently hitting too close to home after her real-life breakup made headlines and abc's adeet yeah roy has more. >> good morning. what happens in vegas definitely doesn't stay in vegas when it comes to miley cyrus. fresh off the breakup the singer opened up on stage about her troubles. ♪ >> reporter: after a rough few weeks, miley cyrus poured her heart at the music festival in las vegas saturday the singer choking up while singing her song. her face masscara-stained from her tears. after the song she walked off
4:43 am
stage, hugged her mom and wiped her tears away. in an interview before she came on stage, she talked about making personal sacrifices for her career. >> not really stopping for anything. >> reporter: having dealt with heart break, her performance at the music awards last month, her performance amounted to a public flogging. she's taking heat for her racy video for "wrecking ball." in which she appeared nude. she addressd that criticism on stage. >> as you know always there are things that i'm doing things that are getting me in trouble. it's just me my heart and soul telling me what to do. >> reporter: no more tears, just high-octane energy and a skimpy
4:44 am
outfit, the pop superstar resilient and defiant. and miley was introduced by britney spears. the pair was photographed hugging backstage. >> it's nice to hear that she has support from britney and lady gaga. coming up on "good morning america" -- pie rate ss enough to set a record? alking to your rheumatologist about trying or adding a biologic. this is humira, adalimumab. this is humira working to help relieve my pain. this is humira helping me through the twists and turns. this is humira helping to protect my joints from further damage. doctors have been prescribing humira for over ten years. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms.
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i thought i'd start the video by showing you the apartment building where the fire was. when things like this happen i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and if we overcame that or if we can overcome that we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ] ron was vying to do pop news this morning but sarah haines beat him out. >> yeah, it was an arm wrestling
4:49 am
competition. vera wang is branching out, she could be the most famous wedding designer in the world. designing dresses all sort of celebrities. now, she's tackling a whole new game wang is designing the brand-new outfits for the philadelphia eagles cheerleader. what's important the cheerleaders say it's incredibly comfortable to dance on. >> she's saving money on material. and pirates speak. a pirate fest. gathered to break a world record for the largest gathering of pirates. unfortunately that fell short. but look at this little pirate
4:50 am
he lost his right eye living on the streets of portland oregon he was taken in and now sports a very fierce look. >> very fierce. >> i heard that vera wang designed that as well. events are under way in munich for oktoberfest. it didn't take long for the mugs to fill. the mayor's advice go easy on the guzzling. you don't need to prove to the world that you're a total idiot. >> go crazyiness easy on the guzzling. >> it's water. >> mine we're hiding -- we'll be right back with more "good
4:51 am
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before we go, we want to check back in with ginger zee, you're dressed up like you might go running. >> hey, i put my hair back
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday september 22nd. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. good morning to you. starting out nice and dry but chilly with temperatures in the upper 40s in north day. 48 napa and santa rosa, 50 hayward. warm spot in san carlos at 57. we have a little stratus filling into the bay this morning, but otherwise partly cloudy in oakland. we will be look at a mostly sunny sky today with temperatures well, you have to go way out to get the 80s around the livermore valley. for the most part 60s and 70s. a few clouds throughout the afternoon in the north bay. we are talking about a warmup as soon as tomorrow.


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